Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Richard Cohen Is Not Very Bright

In an otherwise unremarkable column about the myriad failures of the Bush presidency, Richard Cohen throws us this brilliant line on foreign policy:
Whether you supported the war or opposed it, you have to concede that it should have ended years ago and, along with the invasion of Grenada, be a fit dissertation subject for a desperate PhD candidate and not, as it remains, a festering debacle.
Does Cohen really think that regime change in a small Caribbean island, and in a much larger, ethnically heterogeneous Middle Eastern state are comparable? Was this the "logic" he used for supporting the invasion of Iraq? Perhaps he should stick to what he knows - serving as a faithful stenographer for our elites - and leave the policy analysis to people who can actually think (the kind of people who understand cultural and historical factors matter when you're talking about toppling a government and occupying a nation indefinitely).

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