Sunday, April 26, 2009

Meyerson: Simon Johnson is Right

Harold Meyerson certainly seems to agree with Simon Johnson's argument that the financial sector has become both too large economically and too powerful politically. In his last column, Meyerson essentially paraphrases Johnson's recommendations for dealing with this crisis. From the Washington Post:
The Democrat in the White House and the Democrats on the Hill are committed to legislation that regulates our dysfunctional wards in the banking industry, but regulations by themselves won't solve the problem of the banks being too big to fail -- and so big that they dominate campaign finance and, with it, much of the business of lawmaking. We need to amend our antitrust laws so we can scale down banks to the point that they no longer imperil our economic and political systems. As things stand now, it's we who are serving their needs, not they who are serving ours. It's time to turn that around.
While many in the media have been quick to dismiss Johnson as a radical, it is certainly encouraging to see his ideas gain some currency among more mainstream voices. Because if we do not build a consensus about checking the outsized influence of Wall Street, we will only set ourselves up for an even bigger crisis in the future, assuming we make it through this one over the next year or two.

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